Qasemiah has a combined professional experience of some 25 years among its Principals and Members. Listed below are the Equipment Local/International projects training from the OEM that the firm has undertaken:


OEM (International)


Data Acquisition Unit Mainframe – Lappers

Hewlett Packard

4 Arm lappers – Power Controllers

Automated Pole Tip Inspection Machine


Vision System – Defect Analysis

Magnetic Head Tester ( II & III ) and Roughness/Step Tester

Wyko Instruments

Vision System – Surface roughness tester

Toolmaker and low power Microscope

PPL, Minnetonka, Carl Zeiss, Olympus and Nikon.

Manual inspection for Wafer dicing, sorting, and jig/fixtures alignment.

Surface Profiler Measuring System, Dektak 8000

Sloan Technology subsidiary of Veeco Instruments Inc

Surface roughness and waviness for advanced air bearing – Thin Film Head

LEO Gemini 982 Digital Microscope

Digital Instruments

Writer Head Dimension

SUI View Basic 8 Automatic Non-Contact 3-Dimensional Measurement System

General Scanning Inc, View Engineering Division

Pole Tip contamination inspection

SSI Dimensional Measurement Microscope.

General Scanning Inc, View Engineering Division

2-Dimensional measurement for Magneto Resistive Head

New View 100/200 Scanning Microscope System – Non-Contact Profiler.

Zygo Corporation Inc

Thin Film Head Bow, Twist and Camber inspection.

LCAT ( Laser Curvature Adjustment Tool )

IBM Corporation Inc

Thin Film Head camber process tool in-situ Wyko Optical inspection

QSE (Quasi static Engine)

Monarch Lab Inc

Electro-Static Discharge inspection

Atomic Force Microscope (Research & Automated)

Digital Instruments subsidiary of Veeco Instruments Inc

NanoParticles characterization &

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